May 28, 2013

Contacting Pamodzi System Support (“the help desk”)

The Help Desk will be staffed 24 hours a day Sunday-Friday for the month of July. There are two ways to obtain support:

Support Procedures:

The Pamodzi System Support team will have the initial responsibility of answering requests. Requests will be evaluated, prioritized and routed to the appropriate technical or functional expert. If they cannot address the request at that time, it will be escalated to those who can. Priority will be based on impact (e.g. whether it affects a critical business process or broad set of users) and urgency (the necessary speed of resolving an incident, e.g. payroll process is failing). If not resolved immediately, most requests should be resolved within 12-24 hours.

Required Information:

To help us efficiently address any request for support, please provide the following information:
  1. Your Pamodzi Business Unit (BU)
  2. Your name and User Account
  3. Module or function in question
  4. Detailed description of the problem
  5. Steps to reproduce the problem
  6. Your contact information (email, phone)

Support Languages:

During the first 30 days, English will be the primary language for support calls and emails. While staff are available who speak French and Spanish, we expect to be very busy assisting the organization with the transition to Pamodzi and a myriad of support issues, so it will be difficult to provide multi-lingual support for everyone. We will transition to full multi-lingual support after the first month.