6-Month Performance Review

The Six-Month Review is an interim or mid-year review for all employees designed to assess performance realistically during the first half of the annual review period. Conducting a mid-year review allows both the manager and the employee to determine if the employee's performance is on track and to identify any changes necessary for the employee to reach his/her IOP objectives for the performance period. The mid-year review allows for course correction. It should be considered a developmental and learning opportunity.

If regular dialogue between the manager and employee about performance has occurred throughout the performance period, this review should not reveal any major surprises. In addition to promoting dialogue and clarifying expectations between the manager and employee, the Six-Month Review should:


Preparation for the Six-Month Review

Both the manager and employee have responsibility to prepare for the Six-Month Review session. The Interim Review Preparation Guidelines and a General Suggested Format for Review Sessions can be found in the Tools section of this chapter.

A Six-Month Review form and instructions for completing it can be found in the Forms section of this handbook.